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Have you been letting your best self lay dormant? Has the winter-like lethargy of life's different trials and troubles caused you to put your health on the backburner? Do you sometimes feel that a better you is trapped just under the surface, waiting for a reason to bloom?

It's time for some spiritual spring cultivation!

It's time to till the ground of complacency and plant the seeds that lead to a better, more balanced life. It's time to uproot the thorns of damaging thoughts, overwhelming, uncomfortable feelings, and self-sabotaging behaviors, replacing them with flourishing soil and seeds fed by spiritual water. It's time to ignite a new fire of health and wellness, kindling healthier inner and outer selves. 

In this workshop, we'll be discussing topics like:

  • Holistic prevention and intervention for issues affecting the heart (such as hypertension)

  • Problems with the pancreas (diabetes)

  • Lung issues

  • Muscle and bone pain

  • Stomach and digestive issues


We will also be covering holistic methods for managing stress.​

I'm looking forward to exploring the myriad pathways to holistic health with you. When our bodies are in harmony, they ring with the purest heavenly melodies of praise to the Most High. Let us come and make music together!

Register below through April 17th.

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